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My Journey

I grew up in Barcelona, Spain, studying Professional Physical Education, mastering sports marketing.After my long 20 years of experience in this category, working in different gyms, both private and public and working as a PT, observing with much delicacy, respect and living the emotional moments that come along with this experience. I began to do sports when I was 10- when my parents had a gym, starting with gymnastics as well as running. Since then I have done multiple sports along the way and loved every single one of them. I then continued my fitness journey to Brazil, where I trained hard every day until breast cancer kicked in, I was able to get through it and come back even stronger for my next location- Singapore!


I am  currently a Professional Physical Education coach, Personal Trainer, Certified Ironman Coach, Ultra Trail Runner, Marathon Runner, Cyclist- optimising health and performance. I have a passion for sport and healthy eating. 


I believe in the benefits of exercise and health improvement

Puri Garcia | PG Coach 

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