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Heidi Macanti - Australian

Training with Puri for my very first half marathon

was inspirational. Previously I had only run maximum 10km in my life but she set the training program so that there was a gradual increase in intensity with achievable goals. Puri broke up the running sessions with core and strength training which was also invaluable and tailored to my own personal goals"

"During the race she was positive yet firm and I would not have been able to complete it without her and her program. I would highly recommend her services to anyone, and have signed up for my third half marathon!"

Maria Jose Aspiazu - Ecuatorian

Me, 2 years ago, was someone who a 5K felt like an ultra marathon. 

I would have said "running is not for me , it is boring " until Puri came into my life. 

First she started challenging me with swimming , and after I saw I was able to do more than 2 laps without drowning, I thought maybe I wasn't so hopeless with sports. 

Puri challenges you, Puri pushes you to limits you once thought were only meant for professionals. Sometimes I would want to scream at her "leave me alone, this is not for me", but her stubbornness combined with the sweetest smile , makes you go for whatever she has planned for you.

She is the reason I was able to finish my first half marathon after only 5 months of "serious running", and what's better she made fall in love with this sport. After that first 21K on June/15 , I've done another one and was able to do a 10k under 60 minutes. 

Now I'm training for my 3rd half marathon, miles  and miles away from her and when I feel or think "why am I doing this again ?" , I hear her "Vamos" and I go !

Puri also  takes care of you, makes you take breaks, worries about your injuries, Puri is not only a trainer , she can become one of your best friends !

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